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Welcome to a world of sweetness! The alpaca is a small camelid of the Andes cordillera that lives between 3,000 and 4,500 meters above sea level, where temperatures can vary between -25° and + 35°! The baby alpaca does not designate a fiber coming from a baby alpaca, but the extreme fineness of a wool with exclusive qualities. Natural, noble and prestigious, it was even called “the Fiber of the Gods” by the Incas. It is now internationally recognized as one of the finest and most luxurious in the world. Here we offer you an exclusive range entirely designed around the rare properties of this precious fibre.


Herringbone or plain, natural or coloured.


Big or small, for all occasions.


Beanies, neck warmers, boas & balaclavas.


Plaids & other pieces to come.

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