Baby Alpaca fiber is rare. It is considered the softest and most prestigious natural fiber in the world


Soft, warm and light, our herringbone or plain stoles are perfect for all seasons.

Available in a variety of bold or discreet colors, our baby alpaca stoles will enhance any outfit.

Our range of Plaids will bring a unique touch to your comfort and well being inside.


Discover this natural fiber recognized as one of the finest and most luxurious in the world.


A collection of hats and chokers.
Timeless warm accessories to protect you from the cold
from the cold in an unequalled comfort and softness.

Exceptionally light, this natural fiber with unique properties can be worn
properties can be worn all year round.

The danger of this most environmentally friendly and
in the era of time is to get back to it the first time.


A timeless piece, the poncho is an essential that goes with all your outfits.

Exceptional material that combines warmth, lightness and resistance

A natural softness that you can't get rid of.