Today, buying a piece from CHASKA can be a responsible and ethical act.CHASKA is part of the need for companies to play a role in the transition of consumption patterns.Everyone at his level is an actor of the ecological and solidarity transition


The 5 values of CHASKA are the ethical and ecological production, a made in Peru respectful
traditional methods, the respect of the animal and the fair payment of the craftsmen.

The alpaca is a small camelid from the Andes Mountains that lives between 3,000 and 4,500 meters of altitude. In this region, the temperatures temperatures can vary between -25° and +35°!

Baby Alpaca is not a fiber from a baby alpaca, but theextreme fineness of a wool with exclusive qualities.

Baby Alpaca is a fiber very high qualityIt has exclusive virtues that other wools or fibers such as cashmere, mohair or sheep's wool do not have.


Natural, noble and prestigious, it was called the "Fiber of the Gods" by the Incas.
Today it is internationally recognized as one of the finest in the world.


The stoles and plaids of the house CHASKA are made on weaving machines of 1910.

weaving machine

These machines can be found today in European museums. Owning one of these accessories allows to preserve these machines.

Extremely soft, our smoothly finished pieces wrap you in elegant warmth.Our stoles and plaids are true masterpieces that stand the test of time.


100% natural, this fiber will bring you comfort, softness, warmth and cocooning.

CHASKA's main goal is to offer you the best possible quality of fiber to bring you a feeling of unequalled comfort and softness.CHASKA is a brand with strong values linked to nature, fair trade and sustainable development.The CHASKA collection can be worn in all weathers and for a long time.



Presentation CHASKA

Behind CHASKA, there is David COLOMBA, a globe-trotting adventurer, in love with Peru, with materials that live and travel and with work well done.

It is also a meeting at 3 000 meters of altitude with the oldest art of Peru: weaving and more particularly with Sabine and HugoSabine and Hugo, both from a family of weavers, without whom this international project would not have been possible.

Carrier of a true ecology of the clothing, eager to perpetuate a craft tradition, David wished to conceive original pieces with an unequalled longevity which will sublimate your outfits and will adapt to your style.